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Top Five Low Maintenance Plants For Your Sustainable Home

To complete your new sustainable Eco Home by Eco Homes Australia, a matching Eco Garden that has low water requirements, is low maintenance and also looks fantastic is the perfect complement. Australian natives are used to the warm, sunny climate we experience here on the Sunshine Coast, so we have compiled a list of our favourite low maintenance plants that are easy- care and also look great.

Grass Tree

Eco Homes Australia Sunshine Coast Home Builders

Grass tree (Xanthorrea) is commonly found in bushlands and coastal scrub. They are extremely slow-growing, their black trunks growing only around 1cm a year, making them quite expensive. Despite their cost, Grass Trees add architectural form and sophistication to a garden. Their black trunk pops well against a white fence or front facade, as well as accentuating the black exteriors of our Matte Black Range. Their long, slender leaves pick up every breeze and add movement and texture to a landscape.  The Grass Tree tops our list of low maintenance plants due to its extremely hardy nature, drought tolerance and maintenance requirements.


Eco Homes Australia Sustainable Homes

There are many types of succulents, from Blue Chalk Sticks, Agaves and Echeveria, to name a few. The unique quality of succulents are their glossy, attractive foliage. The beauty of using succulents is that they rarely have leaf drop or browning, qualifying them as an excellent feature plant near a pool. Low-lying succulents like Chalk Sticks add a layer of colour and texture to a rockery or garden bed. Larger, dramatic succulents like the Agave create a sculptural focal point.


Eco Homes Australia Sustainable Homes

Cacti are THE houseplant of the year. We love that they are sun-loving, hardy and easy-care- just don’t get too close! Varieties include the Golden Barrel, Prickly Pear and Saguaro Cactus. Their iconic shape allude subtly to a mid-century modern Palm Springs abode. Use cacti in pots in a warm position indoors for on-trend houseplant.

Ornamental Grasses

Eco Homes Australia Sustainable Homes

If you’re after a plant with nearly non-stop performance, strength and visual impact, ornamental grasses are your new go-to. With many varieties, all with different colours, shapes, textures and lines, if you’re yet to discover the elegant beauty of ornamental grasses, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Grasses are hardy, sun-loving, low-maintenance and require low water. Plus, the’re pretty! They soften harder leaves of succulents and palms, yet their native bush roots mean they will complement other Australian native plants. Our favourites include Mexican Feather Grass, Purple Fountain Grass and Pink Muhly Grass.


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Palms are grown in abundance in Australian gardens for a reason- they are low maintenance, drought tolerant and sun loving. Cycads, Yukka, Foxtail Palms, or Pandanus Palms are all beautiful to look at and can be either feature palms on their own or border a property. Plus, if your goal is to create your very own Palm Springs-inspired home from our range, incorporating Palms in your landscaping will complete your vision!


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