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The Return Of The Breeze Block In Building Design

The iconic breeze blocks of Mid-Century Modern design are making a comeback in contemporary building design. Here on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, new home builders are incorporating classic, Mid-Century design elements into modern facades with dramatic results. Whether a new build features stacked stone with charcoal or white cladding, breeze blocks throughout a rendered block wall or sleek, clean lines with a new facade, combining the old with the new is an effective way to add interest and character to a home. Let’s discuss our favourite new ‘It feature’ of building design, breeze blocks.

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Dating back to the Art Deco era in the 1930s, breeze blocks, or architectural screen blocks offered a decorative screen wall or fence with an architectural appeal. They became hugely popular throughout the mid-century modern era during the 1950s and 1960s.

Both residential and commercial buildings started to use breeze blocks with decorative hole patterns within their design. Often, these blocks were used in hot climates to allow a breeze through, hence the name “breeze blocks.” They also became the top choice for screen and fencing material in coastal areas prone to hurricanes.

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Although breeze blocks were popular throughout Australia, Brazil, Morocco, Spain, the United States and other countries, the iconic look is synonymous with Palm Springs, California, where many of the front facades there featured their intricate, delicate pattern.

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The bright, white breeze blocks help the coloured doors of Palm Springs pop against them.

Sunshine Coast Building Construction Company New Home Builder

Source: Kyal_and_kara

This contemporary home renovation in Sydney, NSW by The Block couple Kyal and Kara portrays how to combine classic, beautiful breeze blocks in a modern facade.

Sustainable New Home Builders Sunshine Coast

Breeze blocks incorporated throughout a block wall around a pool create texture and charm, as well as allowing breeze and air flow into an otherwise hot area.

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For a boho outdoor shower, paint your breeze blocks in a minty, seafoam green.

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Create a stunning focal point by using a feature wall of breeze blocks in your outdoor entertaining area. Orientate your breeze blocks to maximise the dramatic play of light and shadow as the day progresses.

Sustainable New Home Builders Sunshine Coast

Be bold and build an entire wall in breeze blocks, or be subtle and use just a portion of your screening fence.

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Classic Palm Springs architecture features breeze blocks prominently.

If you are looking to renovate, extend or build a home on the Sunshine Coast, contact us at Eco Homes Australia. We love creating beautiful, custom Eco homes using our sustainable building methods. For more inspiration, follow our Breeze Block board on Pinterest.




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