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When it comes to building a home on the Sunshine Coast, one area to take into consideration how eco-friendly the property is going to be. An eco-friendly home, is one that is built with the idea of having a low impact and limiting damage to the environment.

By having low carbon emissions and being self sufficient wherever possible in terms of heat and power, and then the environment will benefit.

Eco Homes Australia homes are built from materials that are better insulated to keep cold out and heat in.

Traditional building materials have focused on strength or speed of build, whereas modern structures incorporate these alongside methods of lowering the structures carbon impact.

Top Reasons to build with Eco Homes Australia

Eso Australia Housing - Cost


One huge benefit of having an eco friendly home is that it will help you to reduce the costs of bills. With rising energy costs this is one way to help avoid the sting of that. If you combine excellent insulation with methods of self powering the building can really drive down your energy costs. If you also generate more than you use from these, and put power into the national grid you qualify for rebates, which means eventually they pay for themselves.

Reducing our carbon footprint

Carbon Impact

Tried and tested at the James Cook University.



Using SIPs as a building material not only makes your home eco-friendly, but also impacts the construction process. This is because they have less of a time and mess impact due to the simplicity of putting the materials together as they are manufactured off site and transported to the area ready for assembly. This means damage to the surrounding area is significantly less than a new build with traditional materials.

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