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Eco Homes Australia’s home design range is all about creating homes that minimise environmental impact, maximise year-round comfort and reduce running costs.

These factors are appealing to savvy buyers who want to enjoy the Sunshine Coast lifestyle and time spent with family and friends, in a home that is better, greener, smarter and more economical to run.

Browse our plans range and discover your dream Eco Australia Homes.


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Alexandra 253 Facade

Alexandra 253
Bed 4  |  Bath 2   |  Car  2

Amity 180 Facade

Amity 180
Bed 3  |  Bath 2   |  Car  1

Angourie 281 Facade

Angourie 281
Bed 4  |  Bath 2   |  Car  2

Boambee 299 Facade

Boambee 299
Bed 5  |  Bath 3   |  Car  2

Byron 189 Facade

Byron 189
Bed 3  |  Bath 2   |  Car  2

Cooloola 242 Facade

Cooloola 242
Bed 4  |  Bath 2   |  Car  2

Currimundi 227 Facade

Currimundi 227
Bed 4  |  Bath 2.5   |  Car  2

Cylinders 300 Facade

Cylinders 300
Bed 5  |  Bath 2.5   |  Car  2

Flinders 280 Facade

Flinders 280
Bed 4  |  Bath 2   |  Car  2

There is a major need for more energy efficient homes than what is currently being built on the Sunshine Coast. The Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) used by Eco Homes Australia are able to fulfill this need.

Current insulation used in most home builds works on the principle of heat saturation, meaning that the insulation must first trap heat before it will work. Once it is saturated the heat is radiated back into the structure- this is a huge disadvantage in a hot climate.

The polyurethane core will work in both a hot and cold climate due to it insulating on an exclusion basis not a saturation basis.

Let’s look at a freezer as an example. Although the internal temperature is around minus 22°C, the external wall is room temperature. The unique insulation properties of the freezer wall allow the temperature to be drawn away. To compare, a standard freezer wall is 50mm thick, and our SIP panels are 104mm, meaning our thermal properties are at least double. There are also no thermal bridges in the panels used by Eco Homes Australia.

The SIP panels also use windows that have very low u-values, stopping loss of energy through the windows. The energy required for heating and cooling a home by Eco Homes Australia as opposed to a conventional build is significant. The saving in electricity translates to a saving of CO2 emissions for the environment and a saving of money for homeowners. So you can live in superior comfort, and be rest assured your home is better to the environment.

We can custom design an Eco Homes Australia home for you.
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